4 Awesome Network building Games
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May 23, 2011

4 Awesome Network building Games

Building your online network doesn't have to be such a tedious task. We might try following thousands of people, hoping for a few followers in return. Or commenting all over the web to get link-backs. But not everyone is patient enough for all of that, or even like it at all.
From trying out close to a hundred different methods of online networking, traffic building, getting followers etc. here are five sites/tools that are really cool, and can be useful as well!

Empire Avenue


This is a game of fantasy stock exchange, where you sell shares in your company or name, and buy shares in others.
The interesting thing is that you can connect your Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc. and it measures your activity and audience across all networks. Which increases your share price (actually the dividend payout). A LOT of potential for networking etc through this interface.
For example I bought stocks in some big companies that joined and got mentioned on Twitter. =D


Yes, its a Followback game. But it can be fun and extremely useful when combined with Empire Avenue (above).

You link up your Youtube Video, Twitter account or Facebook page and earn "Seeds" for actions you do, like watching another persons video, or liking their page. Then you spend seeds on getting followers or viewers on your Twitter, FB, or YT.
Some of them offer several seeds for watching their video.
If you set up your keywords right you watch a couple interesting videos and get enought seeds for hundreds of followers on Twitter, or your FB page.

Logo from the video game Second LifeImage via Wikipedia

Second Life

A huge virtual world made by the players. In this "game" you can build anything you want, it's basically a "Multiplayer 3D Graphics Program" - The only one of its kind.
I'd recommend this for graphic designers, animators, and some videomakers who might have what it takes to create noticeable stuff in this game. It will be noticed.

Some Twitter Tools:

Chump Dump

An app that gives you a random Tweeter to judge, someone you're following, and it will show you some of their history with you (retweets etc.), if there is any. The point is to dump the ones who are "useless" to you - the ones who never reply or retweet anything you say.
And you get karma points for UN-follwing users, pretty unusual, and it gains you followers in the short and long run, from the game itself and from your Klout score increasing. =D

Some other tips I can share is: Find your Niche.
For example, I tweet about (youtube) videos I find interesting, so many of my followers will most likely enjoy similar stuff.

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Nickolai Gibson

This article was written by Nickolai Gibson. A Tubeblogger and video editor who loves video gaming, technology, and YouTube videos.