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Apr 13, 2011

News from Gametube

The latest gaming parody movies and news videos better than ever, if you remember recently we wrote the top 10 videogame parody movies article, with some of the coolest ever made; but there are more than just parody movies. More serious movies, short films, tubes etc. are also being made by video-gaming fans who are also video-makers.

Mortal Kombat: Legacy
A Live-action series, Episode One that started yesterday, has been one of the most viewed videos the last couple of days. Not surprisingly because it's awesome.

Produced by Machinima, the biggest online gaming video library, who currently has over 14.000 of them. Machinima upload several videos each day (can get somewhat overwhelming as a subscriber), and their
weekly shows such as "All your History are Belong To Us"
, and the "Inside Gaming" are two of my favorites to watch.
Giving gamers another reason to not leave the house.

The indie gaming market is always desperate to keep up with the newest awesomeness we get in our latest videogames. So the short film making and Youtube promoting is a great way for the smaller companies to reach a larger audience.
Check out this advertisement below for a three game bundle of indie games, the guy sounds really excited abut these new games and makes them sound like the most awesome thing ever.

And to finish off with some coolness, a new trailer for a game many of us have been waiting for has been released.

Street Fighter X Tekken Cinematic trailer