GOOGLE+ (Google Me, Circles, or what?) - The rumored Facebook killer
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Apr 28, 2011

GOOGLE+ (Google Me, Circles, or what?) - The rumored Facebook killer

Update: Read About Google+ , my thoughts on the beta test 

For several years now the rumors have been going on about Google planning on taking over the world.
One app at a time.
Oh - wait, this is about the new social network, the one that will kill Facebook?
First - rumor said it'll be called Google Me, then it became Google Circles somehow when a viral rumor created a false alarm. None of these names have been verified by any Google spokesperson.

One thing is for sure, it will be a serious threat to Facebook. With all the products Google own, Youtube, Picasa, Blogs/Websites: there are several that could together make a social network on steroids.

But... Google already had a Social Network site, didn't it?

This is icon for social networking website. Th...Image via WikipediaLong before the Google Me and Google Circles rumors, in 2002 Google bought Orkut, a Brazilian social networking site, and has given the site some slight upgrades (and better English) since then. But for some reason Orkut was never really accepted by most Google users, or by anyone at all. Google didn't advertise the site much, probably fearing the big boy Myspace at the time.

When Google bought more companies we hoped this would bring some cool features to the social networks. And it did on Facebook and Myspace, who both grew from Googles innovations.
But nothing big ever happened on Orkut. When something was added it was almost never anything cool, or never a complete feature.
So rumors of Google creating another social network in secrecy came out.

Picasa is like the best online photo manager and is owned by Google.
Youtube is the best video sharing website and is also owned by Google.
  • You can now share videos on your wall on Orkut, and in your "favorites" but no real integration with Youtube really.
  • You can import some pictures from Picasa. No real integration, again, no tags, etc.
  • Orkut is still hundreds of features (and millions of users) behind Facebook.

Google Me - Profiles are Already Here

The most current news - an update Google fans had to accept - is that the features are being released slowly on your Google Profile.
Your Google Profile, if you haven't noticed, can now be edited a bit more to add these tabs (pages):
  • Pictures by Picasa
  • Organize your albums with Picasa, then go on your Google Profile and select pictures for your scrapbook, or entire albums.
  • Buzz
  • Post your latest thoughts. Like a Wall, now with Google Places and Latitude Check-ins available! you can share your location, and 'microstories" on Buzz.
  • +1
  • Your shared websites - pages you have plus oned. It's like the Facebook "Like" button.
The main ingredients are still missing from Google Profiles in order to make it a true social network, though. A Wall feed & Friends - a more smooth integration of the new products (Buzz, +1, Media).
Sure you could follow friends on Buzz, which has all the ingredients for a "Wall" - a place where all your updates in life or on the web is shared and (b)logged. And you can tag your location and pics , and managing albums with Picasa; and more; but it gets kinda clumsy like that.
Google is still not going to release the whole package for another few months.

Stay updated on the latest Social Network News here, to know when "Me" comes out to play;) will be fun!