Youtube and your Life In A Day
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Jul 28, 2010

Youtube and your Life In A Day

Sundance 2002Image via Wikipedia
I forgot to wite about the life in a day project that was on Youtube a few days ago, the documentary with a giant crew; the Youtube users themselves together with pros like Ridley Scott and Kevin McDonald. Life in a day is a documentary already nominated for the Sundance Film festival in 2011, and contains recorded footage from participants like you, all who'm recorded their life on July 24th.

Below are some post-thoughts by Kevin MacDonald after the day of shooting.
Did you participate in the "Life In a Day" shooting?

If you filmed anything at all that day you can still upload your footage to Life in a Day's channel. You have until July 31st at midnight to add your clips.
Life in A day post production crew announced they'll be in contact with us again in January before the film airs at sundance..