Tube X-files - UFOs in China and Mel Gibson's scary leaked tapes
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Jul 15, 2010

Tube X-files - UFOs in China and Mel Gibson's scary leaked tapes

A lot of strange stuff has been clogging the tubes today.

I'm talking about the footage of unidentified flying objects in china, that many claim to be UFOs, and

I guess the recordings of Mel Gibson threats, and berating of his ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva, released by the online magazine, kinda fits into this category as well.

videos below

Was the UFO alien visitors?

On July 7th 2010 some Chinese airport officials noticed something strange on the radar and decided to halt all flights for a while. Below is a video with some of the footage captured by the Chinese airport and some other people.

Are Mel Gibson's Threats Forreal?

Mel gibson was spewing a bunch of racist rants and hate-filled comments, out of anger towards his ex wife Oksana in the recording below, released by Radar online., who also announced they have more recordings which will be released, where Mel Gibson confesses to hitting his girlfriend (with baby in her arms) and TWICE threatens to kill her.

You have to go on Radar's website, to hear the recording. Check out their Mel Gibson article here

It's a scary world we live in where everything can be caught on tape by anyone, and also faked by anyone who has just some editing knowledge.
Do you believe the UFO videos and Mel Gibson tapes are real?