Street Slide - Amazing Demo Video
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Jul 31, 2010

Street Slide - Amazing Demo Video

Image via Wikipedia

Street slide by Microsoft and Yahoo almost puts google street view to shame.

Google Street ViewThe demo video for the new software developed by Microsoft, and possibly planned for release by Yahoo demonstrates the best artificial environment rendering possibilities we have seen.
Allowing you to move around on the street in Panorama view just like Google Earth makes this invention a dangerous competitor for Google Earth, but this new technology has even more amazing features.

Video Demonstrating The New Experimental Technology Below:

. In this demo video the application already looks much faster and user-friendlier. Giving you the ability to quickly get an overview over streets with Street Slide mode with annotations (info) about the buildings.
No release date or mention of this being added to Bing (Microsoft's Live Search and Maps) has been announced yet. I wonder what Google's next move will be with improving Google earth.