"Shocking Video" Scam on facebook spreading fast
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Jul 30, 2010

"Shocking Video" Scam on facebook spreading fast

Links to fake Facebook pages and video have always been a concern. Even though Facebook's security has improved much over the years, some hackers are still finding ways to "spam" links, getting your info or make money while annoying you, by means of misinformation to drive traffic.

Recently, two links in particular have been spreading on Facebook, seemingly without violating the Facebook terms but generating lots of negative reacting from the public. This new viral way to spread links relies on your laziness.

FACEBOOK Illustrations
Image by escapedtowisconsin via Flickr

If one of your friends are affected with this new link virus it will show up on their news feed. And you will see a link like "Shocking video, Teacher nearly kills this boy" Or "I am shocked, I'm never texting again"
When clicking the link you will be taken to a rogue facebook fan page. The rest is detailed in this video: