Please Rez Fury online
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Jul 31, 2010

Please Rez Fury online

Fury (video game)Fury Online was a pretty cool MMORPG where you leveled up through PVP (player versus player) battles.
In fact - it was 100% PVP, but unfortunately the game didn't live very long. The company had financial trouble and not enough of a fan base or the means to continue.

Can someone Resurrect Fury online?

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In the beginning, the game got a pretty bad reception by critics at GameSpot and other major gaming websites - which isn't too surprising - this game had little appeal to some of the average gamers; the learning curve wasn't too hight but it took place right in the battlefield, which could make it a difficult learning curve.You had to get your ass kicked first to level up.
There was no huge world content or awesome A.I monsters like most MMOPG's these days (or those days).
It was mainly focused on PVP and the only NPC interaction was with "gatekeepers" for the arenas and some stupid opponent npcs running around in the battlefield for you to practice on, or to confuse you into thinking they're real players.
So running around killing bots wasn't really the coolest thing ever, but whenever you run into a real player, and you both had a big arsenal of skills you could have some pretty epic battles.

The only reason I had fun in the game is because I ignored the flaws and focused on the cool parts; one being that the skill trees were kinda sandbox based so you could build any kinda character you wanted.
Another thing; I had some pretty awesome matches once I ran into good players.

Nickolai Gibson

This article was written by Nickolai Gibson. A Tubeblogger and video editor who loves video gaming, technology, and YouTube videos.

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