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Jul 29, 2010

Official Youtube Blogs

Tube Blogger is not to be confused with the Official Youtube Blog @ Youtube-Global.blogspot
Althought I probably could have been the writer for that blog or one of the others =P
Check them out in our new Blogroll in the Sidebar.

On the youtube-global blog they usually let us in on the latest features and contests on youtube.
I'll admit, I've gotten some tips from Youtube-Global before, for articles to write about here, but the objective was not in any way to compete with the Official Blogs.

Some other official Youtube blogs are the Youtube Biz Blog which can be helpful for partners and advertisers, and the citizentube blog, like the  Citizentube Youtube Channel I shared a last week, as part of the daily Youtube Channel of the day, their blog is a pretty big collection of news from around the world.
On the citizentube blog you can also find links to other Youtube related blog (hey Citizentube guys, add Tube Blogger :)