New nose controlled devices to help handicapped
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Jul 28, 2010

New nose controlled devices to help handicapped

Scientists are always experimenting with new ways of helping quadriplegic and other limited mobility conditions with transportation and other things,  I've read some articles on Engadget about ways to control stuff by  brainwaves, speech and even the occasional Wiimote, but this latest software uses another one of the senses.

Some Israeli nasal researchers at Weizmann Institute of Science revealed their 'sniff controller' this week, a software and mask that measures nasal pressure to control devices. Users can control wheelchair joystick with surprising precision and a alphabetical on screen interface/keyboard . The keyboard is likely the most important advancement, by giving patients with locked-in syndrome (a la The Diving Bell and the Butterfly) the ability to communicate. Best of all, this new technology is inexpensive compared to alternatives on the market; while a Stephen Hawkins type of eye-tracking system can cost tens of thousands of dollars, Weizmann scholars reportedly pieced the prototype package together for $358.

See the youtube videos below about the new technology

Sniff Controller Writing software

Sniff Controller Web surfing software

Sniff Controller Chair