Most Awesome 3d Street Art
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Jul 4, 2010

Most Awesome 3d Street Art

5 50 Absolutely Stunning 3D Street Art (Paintings)3d Street Art, is also known as 3d chalk art is painting done on the asphalt itself that becomes a 3-dimensional optical illusion when you look at it from a certain angle. It can be  breathtaking and very realistic looking. Creating one is definnitely tough and challenging as they are creating a realistic 3d view out of a 2d painting. Check out the stunning photos

The art of 3d street painting is gaining much popularity.Brands are already using it as a promotion tool to increase awareness of their product. And some artists are specializing in creating art for their needs.
Some places nearly entire streets were usind for street art, like the
Crazy river. (via Julian Beever)

This street now looks like some street out of the 2012 movie.
1 50 Absolutely Stunning 3D Street Art (Paintings)

Hot river piece! (via Edgar Mueller). 
I found these pictures reading the blog post 50 Absolutely Stunning 3D Street Art (Paintings):  Check it out for a bigger list.

Escalator. Wow, I would have never guessed that was a fake picture. I would have just thought those girls were good at kung fu balance or something. (via Manfred Stader)
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