Tech News - Self Driving Van and other New Androids
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Jul 24, 2010

Tech News - Self Driving Van and other New Androids

Self-Driving vans going from Italy to China

On an expedition founded by the European Research Council, two robotic vans will drive 13.000 miles by themselves, opefully.

If you wish to follow the cars on their route lookup the Intercontinental Challenge website. Live streaming will be available during the whole trip; scheduled to end October 10th."
Read more at techunks: Unmanned Robot Vans Start Epic Marco Polo Trip from Italy to China | - Latest Technology News Updates:

Android tablets taking on the ipad

Following the success of the ipad, several manufacturers went to work designing digital tablets. Using the open source Android platform as their engine, cheap but powerful eReaders like the $199 Pandigital Novel can be created, as well as powerful all-in-one tablets like Cisco Cius.
To the left is the Ramos W7 Android MID, a new tablet that supports flash and comes with wifi for only $250.

 Click the image to go to Android Tablets.Net where you can read more about the latest Android tablets and news.

Though tablets are increasingly popular, the tablet did not really take over the cellphone, or the laptop for that matter.
Check out the most talked about new portables:

Newest Cellphones

The iphone 4

is probably the most talked about new phone. Coming in with a combo of 1ghz chip and 512 RAM it is one of the most powerful cellphones, but has faced some problems and haters due to signal failure and other things.


Motorola Milestone mobile phone, the European the new competitor on the block  and Motorola specially,  is trying to set a statement to it's competitors with the new phone:

Motorola Milestone

This device runs with Android 2.0 and has all the best/lates touch screen features, everything that the iphone has - and a keyboard, but with no browser flash support, and with no divx or xvideo still, is it really reaching a milestone?

Read about more new cellphone releases at TecHunk: top 5 most discussed latest mobile phone releases

Latest and Greatest Laptops

Toshiba Satellite A665

is the worlds first 3D Blu-Ray Laptop, made possible with the lates Nvidia "3D vision" system, and the power of the latest Intel Core series.
$1499 Toshiba Satellite  A665, 15.6-Inch, (Black) - From
at $1500 it's not really a cheap laptop, but it's great to get such a powerhouse AND 3D ready to view, for that price
Also worth mentioning is the

$40 dollar laptop from Ebay

Yup for 39.98 plus shipping you can get a 7inch laptop with some basic hardware, 2gb storage and wifi.
Don't believe me just Check It Out Here

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