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Jul 24, 2010

10 Awesome Company Youtube Channels

Channels on Youtube are created by users or companies as a place where they can share and collect themed videos.
On a channel page you can see videos the user has created as well as his favorites and playlists if he choses to display them.
A lot of companies have created some awesome popular channels on Youtube you definitely should check out.

NASA On Youtube

NASA's Youtube Channel is the most awesome collection of space science videos and also a website portal itself to the Nasa.gov website.

Top Gear

BBC's TOPGEAR Channel on youtube is almost as cool as the website.
It's the most popular motoring channels with hundreds of thousands of subscribers and the videos are neatly sorted you can easily find videos about the cars you want.


Every year the smartest people gather to share their ideas about Technology, Entertainment and Design, which is what TED stands for. TED is a small non-profit dedicated to  ideas worth spreading.


Machinima has almost become an official word for Video Game recordings edited into short films or other fun stuff, thanks to the macinima site and active viewers/gamers in the community. They feature the best videos made by people from all over the world so if you subscribe, be prepared for several videos a day on your Youtube homepage.


A library of funny and entertaining Tutorial and how-to videos updated almost daily.
Also check out their blog at howcast.com


Expert Village is another tutorial channel similar to howcast but also occasionally reports on current events.

The Pulitzer Center's Youtube Channel

Pulitzer Center, Crisis reporting. Reporting the underreported news, the Pulitzer Center is an important news entity of national affairs.
Their youtube channels hosts a couple of new videos every week. More recent stories can be found on their website.

Amnesty International on Youtube

United activists campaigning for human rights of all.

Greenpece word mark

Greenpeace on Youtube

interesting climate activist videos on youtube.

Subscribing to these channels is a way to support, you should also check out and subscribe to The World Wide Fund:

WWF On Youtube

Heartbreaking videos and stories about threatened species and other concerning issues.

Nickolai Gibson

This article was written by Nickolai Gibson. A Tubeblogger and video editor who loves video gaming, technology, and YouTube videos.

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