"Search Stories" by Google - Make your video now!
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Jun 17, 2010

"Search Stories" by Google - Make your video now!

Search stories is a cool way to make quick promo type videos about search results.  Released by Google in conjunction with Youtube, you can create a short video for free with background music and of course upload it to  your Youtube account.
For now you can input 7 searches and select how the searches will display in the video.
I just started creating this Search Story about Tubeblogger.  Under "using" you select how the search will be displayed in the video. You have the option of selecting Web Search, Image Search, Blog Search, news, products, maps and books.
Perhaps in the future you can add videos to your video. I have a feeling this is just a preview of what we will see once Youtube releases the Cloud Editing system.  I can't figure out how to make the search story as cool as the ones you see in the Toy Story 2 commercial etc. (Might show up on this page). I would have to use other editing software for that.
For now, check out this quick video I made or make your own.

Let other readers check out your video by posting it in the comments.

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