Newest 360 and PS3 futuristic controllers
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Jun 16, 2010

Newest 360 and PS3 futuristic controllers

Playstation is coming out with the Playstation Move, a motion sensored controller that looks like a mini light saber. You can probably attach a lightsaber gadget in the future like you can attach this gun thing. It's less like the wii controller and  more like what the real gamer has been waiting for.
While Microsoft is on some whole other stuff with their "Kinetic" device, formerly known as Project Natale. A Controller-free system that uses motion tracking and voice commands.

A promo video was finally revealed last month by Xbox and some real gameplay has been seen the last few days.

 The playstation Move promo has been out since March.

Playstation Move Promo footage

I cant wait until fighting games come out, like in the official playstation commercial. And rpg games (swinging a wireless sword) will be fun too I guess.
Microsoft however seems to focus more towards Group Oriented Games.

Microsoft Kinetic (Natale) Promotional Video

Multiple people being tracked by a camera kinda makes me question how accurate the controls could be. The gestures you can make must be simple. Check out Playstation's list of games that will work with the "Move", below.

Not many real gameplay videos have been released yet for either of the devices. Remember, the ones above were advertisements and edited to look as cool as possible.
The first real gameplay video for the Xbox Kinetic device was released a few days ago.

Gameplay vid with the Kinetic controller on 360

I haven't heard of many reviews or tryouts of the PS3 Move but there was this video circling around by PlayScope. That seemed to have some of the same shots as in the promo video. You can see and hear the quality of the games are already excellent.

Wonder which games will work with the Move Read this list /full-list-of-playstation-move-titles-surfaces/

The Move is already available for pre-order.