Blizzcon tickets sold out, but...
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Jun 3, 2010

Blizzcon tickets sold out, but...

...they will be available for sale again this coming Saturday! And there are other ways to attend the event as well!
BlizzCon is just as popular this year as it was last year when the tickets sold out in record time. If you want to buy tickets for the 2010 event, you'll need to act as soon as the sales start!

BlizzCon 2010

 is again hosted in Anaheim, Cali., and will take place Oct. 22-23. Most of the $150 tickets were sold out June 2nd but you will have another chance on June 5 at 1 p.m. ET. You gotta be quick, as they'll only be available through the website, and  in limited quantities.

Hosted again by Jay Mohr, this event is for you if you like Blizzard's worlds -from; Warcraft, StarCraft or Diablo . They'll have game panels and tournaments like last year, and previews of upcoming releases and game-expansions
Attend virtually!
Unlike most conventions (or maybe not nowadays), you can attend this virtually, in one of two ways. If you're are a DirectTV subscriber, you can buy the pay-per-view event for $40 (for 2 days).
 There's also a multi-channel Internet stream for $40 (DIrectTV users get for free).
The advantage to having the internet stream is that you can chose which panel or part of the event to watch, as it has several channels. And you can watch the panes at a later time, which is great, because you couldn't possibly be several places at once by attending the event. I'm not sure if buying a ticket will give you access to the internet stream later on.
Oh! And even though you miss out on some of the things you would have experienced in person, there's also a special (secret) in-game item for anyone who attends online.
Attending in person however you would've got the swag bag of goodies probably similar to the ones from last year (see video).
And you also get a chance to purchase limited edition merchandise from sevcral licensed vendors. Some of these items are exclusively available at BlizzCon, while others may be for sale in stores later. You might even meet some guild members or online buddies there.
If you're still going for the tickets, I wish you luck.
They still have the Failopocalypse game you can play while waiting in the ticket line =D

You can go to the official website for more information on the event.