4 Awesome ways to Bookmark the web
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Jun 17, 2010

4 Awesome ways to Bookmark the web

Diigo is a bookmarking service that lets you highlight stuff on any page, post comments and reviews, and the page will be bookmarket on your personal diigo site.
From diigo you get a simple drag n' drop (diigolet) bookmarklet you can add to your browser that has all the features you need to highlight and comment on a page.
You can keep your bookmarks and comments private or share them with others. Diigo even offers tools for posting to your blog, as well as timed and auto-posting.

You can also see other people's comments when you're browsing a site.

Recently I heard about ToRead [via Lifehacker & Download Squad]
ToRead is another Bookmarklet that lets you save an article for later. 
You can chose to send the page you're on, or a cached version of the article, to your E-mail. This is useful for articles that don't have the AddThis plugin, (see the print/email/link buttons at the bottom of this article).
<-- Looks like this.

if you use regular bookmarks in your browser, like I do, you could try integrating with Delicious.
You can sync all your bookmarks with your delicious account and organize them online.
You can create tags and bundles to easily categorize your links or share them with others.
I use delicious to show bundles of links on one of my blogs. It's great because when I update the tags on my delicious site; it updates on my blog.

If you want the latest articles from your favorite sites delivered when they come out, use a RSS reader like Google Reader.
I like getting updates through RSS, it's like a big inbox with all the latest articles I'm almost guaranteed to enjoy reading. Most blogs and websites nowadays have RSS feeds. Just look for the international RSS symbol somewhere on the page. It can be hiding in many shapes.

 In browsers like Firefox and Safari you can find the symbol in the address bar. 
Once you click the RSS symbol you'll be taken to a page that asks wich reader you want to use. If you have a google account you can select Google without the further need to sign up for anything else. Just sign in with your google Account and you're ready to receive articles from the page. 
I subscribe to all my favorite page's RSS feeds.
It's much quicker than having to visit all of them.

Do you have any suggestions? Any favorite bookmarking service? I'd love to hear your comments.