Top 10 MMA fights of all time
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May 16, 2010

Top 10 MMA fights of all time

Quinton "Rampage" Jackson counters w...Image via Wikipedia
Check out the videos of the most awesome fights.

10. Jeff Curran Vs. Charles "Crazy Horse" Bennet

A great brawl with lots of standup action and slams on the head and some LANDING IN MOUNT. This could have been death for someone if it was on asphalt =P

9. Cung Le Vs Frank Shamrock

Even though the fight didn't finish because of injury, it was an all out brawl.
With both fighters smirking as well as complimenting each other DURING the fight and showing good sportsmanship after landing some huge shots and combinations.
A standup brawl with no takedowns but several knockdowns.
Part 1

8. Melvin Manhoef Vs Cyborg

Crazy brawl here, both fighters comboing the hell out of eachother and landing vicious shots.

7. Quinton "Rampage" Jackson vs Wanderlei 'the Axemurderer" Silva

A quick devastating brawl with two great strikers. Somebody has to get knocked out when these two meet.

Bas Rutten vs Frank Shamrock

The rules weren't as far advanced back then as they are now. During standup they could only hit with palm strikes. But this was still a pretty awesome match.

Will add more fights here soon, for now, comment on what your favorite fights are and I'll find the links.