The 30 Nerdiest Tattoos Ever
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May 21, 2010

The 30 Nerdiest Tattoos Ever

Would YOU get a firefox or twitter tat, like @critter or any of these guise/gals? Check out these supernerdy tats;

You want devotion? Then how about a permanent reminder of a perhaps-soon-to-be forgotten piece of the ever-changing Web. We say go for it! It's only going be there for forever... or as long as it takes for your skin to heal and you can get it covered up with something else.

Check This Out
This is Lynn LaVallee's dedication to the composition of the web: 'I'm a Web engineer,' she explained to the L.A. Times, 'the tattoo represents the proper separation layers of a Web document. The first file is the structural layer - which is the house. The second is the presentational layer - CSS - and the third is the behavioral layer, which is JavaScript.'


RSS Tattoo (in progress) My RSS Tattoorss / feed tattoo with iphone


Las Vegas WordCamp logo tattoo


google it.

Farmville Hot Rod Tractor


Remember back in 2008 when pictures of what was probably the very first Twitter tattoo - a Fail Whale - started circulating on the Web? That was a guy who goes by the name of Critter. He's actually on a bigger mission than just Twitter. He's trying to sleeve his entire right leg in tech-related logos. Top row, left to right: Fail Whale and twhirl, Seesmic, Freezer Burns. Bottom row: Old-school Adobe Cold Fusion logo, Adobe AIR, TriOut.

@Critter's Own Fail Whaleits gray

Next page: Rackspace, Cisco, Fork Bomb, Firefox, Safari and more!



Cisco tattoo

Fork Bomb

fork bomb done
(Don't know what a fork bomb is?)


Another Firefox Tattoo

Android/BlackBerry App World

Picture 1Android Tattoo

Fail Whale, Reddit Alien, Free Wi-Fi

reddit tattoo

Want more? is a good place to start. Got your own geek ink you want to share? Let us know about it in the comments.