Nokia plans for in-car apps
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May 23, 2010

Nokia plans for in-car apps

Wish you could download a new horn? Maybe a dashboard calendar or dash version of Snake or Pacman? All in the future -- at least if you're planning on gettin a Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, or VW at some point. Nokia will be providing in-car apps and greater smart-phone integration tech. This isn't the first move from the company (which has been displaying its Terminal Mode dash lately), but it certainly could be a major coup for Espoo.
These five are by far the dominant players in the European market and certainly have a lot of clout worldwide. Exactly what sort of apps and integration remains to be seen, but recent statements from Audi may give a glimpse, saying it wants users to be able to 'download heated seats.' Naturally you can't download heating coils and circuitry, but the company could cut costs by just building that option into every vehicle and then enabling it via in-car purchase -- probably on a chilly January's morn. Distasteful? Yeah, just like paying extra to unlock 'downloadable content' that's already sitting on the videogame disc.
Nokia partners with European automotive powerhouses for in-car apps
Nokia partners with European automotive powerhouses for in-car apps originally appeared on Engadget on Fri, 21 May 2010 10:13:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.