Google voice for students
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May 19, 2010

Google voice for students

Google voice is an amazing phone service by Google. It has so many cool features already it's hard to believe it's still in beta.

You get to pick an online number for free, that you keep forever and calls can be forwarded to any phone you like.  When someone calls your Google number you can answer from any of your phones, answer online or let Google take a voice-mail that gets saved in your inbox (in both text and sound version).

Free Phone And txt!??

Writing Text messages, Receiving calls and text is free, and you can make calls online for a low price. Your Google voice number is free to keep, it's a MUST.
None of my other phones or numbers are guaranteed to work forever. With my google number I can easilly go online and forward to the phone booths in my area if I have to =P

Video About Google Voice

Google Now Wants Students to try

Check out the latest blog post by Google; Google Voice Invites Available For Students
I guess they are trying to upp the amount of users this thing has, to see if they can really hang with teh other phone companies.
Because if they canm, this will be the best phone service ever.