Google Maps Now Makes Getting on the Right Train Easier
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May 21, 2010

Google Maps Now Makes Getting on the Right Train Easier

Google Maps Now Makes Getting on the Right Train Easier: "
google_maps_logo_jul09.pngEarlier this month, Google announced their newest addition, biking directions to Google Maps. Today, Google is also enhancing their maps by adding more stuff about local public transit options. When you search for a train station in Google Maps, you can see a list of transit lines that service this station, will also display the next scheduled departure times for every line.


Even More Features That Sets Google Apart from the Competition

While this is only a small addition to Google's mapping product, the constant drumbeat of new features and partnerships that Google Maps announces on an almost-weekly basis makes it hard for competitors like Bing Maps to keep pace. Even though Bing Maps offers a very competitive set of mapping and directions features that still outperform Google Maps in many ways, Google is currently offering a more comprehensive set of features. Thanks to Google's strong emphasis on getting local businesses to update their own data in Google Maps, the company is also able to offer better results for local searches.

Given Microsoft's renewed focus on Bing - and the Web in general - it would be wrong to count Bing Maps out, but for the time being, it looks like it will be hard for Microsoft to catch up with Google.