Your Odds Of Being Reincarnated are high
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Jul 31, 2008

Your Odds Of Being Reincarnated are high

I think the likelihood is high for many reasons, like;
  1. The universe is always fractal and repetitive.
  2. Last time I didn't exist (before my birth) it obviously didn't last forever.
  3. The observing mind is supposedly non causative (determinism) thus its not the source of intelligence or memory (sorry), and not material or it must be something very simple that will most likely be repeated by the universe.
  4. Nothing in the universe is permanent, so there can't be eternal nothingness after death...

Where was your original face before you were born?

One of the main arguments against reincarnation is that there has been a population increase with humans. I think the increase could have to do with other species becoming human, or they came from elsewhere.
Memory and all is stored in the brain, in my ideas above there is no memory stored (unfortunately, well, at least not automatically or transfered on after death, DNA can be looked at as an 'attempt" to store memory, so the only past life memories people have are probably genetic, like birds remembering where to go season after saeson, or even fly) because the mind is not the brain, the mind is just watching the brain.
And the mind is the thing that gets reincarnated, not the brain, i rots and dies.

Do souls wait around for people to die?
I don't think so. I think without a "brain" ( or a function to observe) the soul is pretty much close to nothing.
It could be that consciousness is something simple, like, the effect of two objects colliding in a vacuum creates an observer or they "become" their own observer for a small moment in time at the position of impact.
Something must define a position in space and time, in a vacuum, where nothing really exists.

Might sound absurd but its actually not more absurd than saying your mind is so unique that it will never happen again.
Or trying to explain the purpose of the existence of a mind (observer) in a brain where determinism is the governing factor..
It completely eliminates free will, so why have an observer in the brain when the brain will do exactly what it did regardless?