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May 18, 2008

Best Free Asian Mmorpgs

Heres our list of some awesome Asian MMOs, most of these are free.
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Warning! Long list below.
 In alphabetical order:

Archlord, Great PvP. You can buy overpowered stuff for real money in this game (item mall) so it can get unbalanced for free characters.

Aion, Great game with endgame based PvP, By NCsoft. Cool large scale castle battles, raids and RvR (realm vs. realm).
The theme of this game is described as "dreamlike"
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Guild Wars, A great game with no subscription fees but you can buy patches for new content. Focuses on end game pvp and of course wars between guilds, you can start with a maxed out level character. Probably the most famous free mmorpg.
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Infinity, PvP, mission modes and item mall, you can buy special stuff. You can have henchmen (A.I guards) with you in pvp battles or you can fight alone or with friends.

Image Hosted by

Last Chaos, Another free game by aeria. It has PvP and pet system.
Also has a item mall so even though its free, some buy "special" items for real cash.
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Perfect World, Beautiful graphics and large terrains though the monster graphics aren't always that great except for the epic monstes. Jumping is weird in this game, you can jump once, do a double jump, do a backflip and then activate flight or just land, but no fighting or activating anything in the air =(
Image Hosted by

Rakion, Pretty good graphics. Lots of intense PvP gameplay but with a cash shop/item mall, which makes it unbalanced for free characters.

Image Hosted by

Rappelz, pvp, pet system, lots of classes and some new unique mmo features.

Image Hosted by

RF Online, science fiction game with fantasy elements. you begin with human looking characters and end up in robots fighting large PvP battles.
Nice graphics but pretty grind heavy, you can start pvping around lvl 30 which takes you about a week.

Image Hosted by

Twelve Sky, by Aeria. Martial arts rpg based in ancient China. Players belong to one of three armies and fight eachother for holy relics. Advanced motion capture techniques were used in the making of this game meaning character movements look very realistic.

Image Hosted by

Xiah, Based on Asian culture and some European fantasy.
This game features a good PvP and pet system, but has an item mall which means you can buy some items making it unbalanced for free characters.

Image Hosted by

Other games that barely made the list:

2Moons, Free Asian mmorpg, good graphics PvP and PvE gameplay.
Image Hosted by

Age of Armor, Mech/Robot gameplay. You control giant transformer-looking robots.
The graphics aren't too high end but the best one of these types of mmorpgs.
Image Hosted by

Fury, Australian Mmorpg.. =P
Full PvP game, there is no grinding in this game, at least not monsters.
You will basically be grinding in the battleground with up to 16 people fighting. (I believe is the max)
The battles are very intense, and you get skills and equips fast. Sandbox based skills and equipment, you can build any type of character and use any skills you want. Personally I think this game can compare with EQII on graphics, and thats pretty good for a free game.

Image Hosted by

The Legend of Ares, Free game with fair graphics good graphics, but it has items you buy for real money, again it can make it unbalanced for free characters.
Image Hosted by

World of Kung Fu, Free game based on traditional Chinese culture, history and ancient paintings this game is very deep.
Most of the virtual world is inhabited by monsters, and only cities are a safe.
Too bad it has an item mall which means free characters will be a bit weaker than those who pay for special items, but still, you can play for free
Image Hosted by

Zu Online, Zu is a 3d mmorpg based on a Chinese legendary Kung-Fu novel. Cartoonish type of graphics that you either love or hate.
Guilds can compete for mansions. There is also flight and a pet system.
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