Faith Vs. Science
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Mar 15, 2008

Faith Vs. Science

So here it is
the playlist of all the Science vs. Creationism stuff thats been going on on Youtube.
Well, most of them at least, or the best ones so far.
A very interesting place for these kinds of debates because people can really express themselves in ways that are not possible by simply communicating or debating verbally.
The object of this playlist is really to get this in order, and hopefully to trigger some more debates. I will put them in unbiased order as new videos are brought to my attention, even though right now theres seems to be an overkill of atheist videos debunking the creationism ones, thats because creationists havent been able to reply or make a comeback to these things.
Click the right arrow (when you hover the mouse over the video) to play the next video.
Current Videos: 10 videos are always added to this playlist, check back for updates on the debates

If you're a creationist watching these videos and think you can counter-debunk the atheists please make a video and let me know so I can add it to the playlist in the right order.
I will try my best to keep it unbiased when adding these videos

Some of these video posters have developed sort of a cultist fan base, with fans logging in to "thumb's down" comments posted from the other side, or video posters themselves only allowing comments that support their case, deleting everything else etc, even youtube has been known to delete atheists videos in some cases..
The first video in the list highlights this suppression of free speech, to hopefully discourage people from doing this and to keep youtube a fair and clean debate environment.