Writing with Both Halves of the Brain
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Apr 1, 2013

Writing with Both Halves of the Brain

Irrespective of the type of writer that you are it is likely that the interesting facts on the infographic about the two sides of the brain will intrigue you. One of the most interesting elements is the concept that the brain is split into two very different sections. One part is more at home with facts and figures whilst the other prefers to deal with emotions and feelings.
Knowing which side is your more dominant brain will go a long way into helping you to understand why you prefer different styles of writing.

This perhaps gives a vital insight into why many writers will almost come to a stand-still when writing. Very often this “writers block” can be attributable to taking on a task that requires your less dominant brain.
To help understand this further is important to know that the left side of the brain is the part that prefers cold hard facts. Whereas the right side of the brain likes to be much more creative. Left brained people will normally be better at planning and organising, with their left brained counterparts more suited to creative or even fictional works.
To understand more about how the brain works, check out this interesting infographic. It will reveal several interesting facts about how to develop skills that utilise your less dominant side of the brain. The information inside is especially important to writers, as there are nearly always times when the writing task becomes harder to complete. The more that we are aware of the impact of each half of the brain the easier the task of writing will become.

Guest Author Adds: When looking for guest blogging services, Ian Phillips believes it is important to be able to adopt different writing styles. His knowledge of how the human brain works has really helped in this area.