5 of the Best Moments on YouTube
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Mar 19, 2013

5 of the Best Moments on YouTube

The World of YouTube is jam packed full of amazing stuff, but how do you find it all? Well luckily for you I’ve handpicked some of the best videos I’ve found recently that have amazed, shocked and most of all made me laugh.

Hope you enjoy!

1. NFL Fantasy Files

Made back in 2009, a collection of some of the NFL’s stars including Chris Cooley, Neil Rackers, Andre Johnson and Chris Simms, put together a collection of their best skills.

The comments section is filled with people exclaiming that its fake, but fake or not it is still an interesting watch, even if you don’t like the NFL. Some of the stunts include running from one side of a car to the other by diving through both windows, catching balls whilst blind folded and smashing through a wooden wall before catching a ball.

2. Jackass Abducting Brad Pitt

Some of the Jackass stunts have made me cry with laughter whilst others have physically repulsed me, but when they abducted Brad Pitt by a burger van in the middle of the dark streets of New York, I thought it was genius.

The best thing I loved about it was that Pitt was willing to do it in the first place, and he really put on an Oscar winning performance by screaming “Help me! Help me!” and clutching to the car door before being shoved inside. The bystanders were shocked to the core!

3. Stupid Burglar

This hapless fool of a shoplifter creeps into the back of the shop during the early hours of the morning but can’t quite make it up over the fence and falls to the floor in a heap. Embarrassed, he makes his way inside eventually and breaks through the ceiling only to fall onto the shop floor, banging his head on every shelf on the way down.

It’s unclear exactly what he wanted to steal but after realising he’s stuck inside, and falling off the top of a ladder, he just sits and waits for the police to arrive.

4. Wine Shelf Collapse

I first saw this on the Daily Mail’s website after it dedicated a whole story to the video. A 78ft long shelf, standing four shelves high, lifted off from its wall fixture and collapsed to the ground, bringing around 7,000 wine bottles with it.

The best part of the video is the man with the clipboard who suddenly realises the shelf is falling and runs for his life with a tidal wave of wine hot on his heels. It’s good that the shopkeeper saw the funny side of it and decided to put the CCTV Camera footage on You Tube for all to enjoy.

5. Luckiest Man In The World

This incredibly lucky Russian man is pictured calmly walking along a pavement, when he suddenly jumps out of the way as a speeding car comes into view and rampages through his path.

The pedestrian gingerly carries on walking, after only a delicate tap on the heels from the car’s bumper, and looks around at the driver. The driver simply gets out of the car and runs off down the road, completely ignoring the fact that he nearly killed a man. Bizarre!

So there you have it. I know there’s probably more out there that are far more worthy, so do feel free to put the URLs in the comments below!

Author Bio: Gavin Harvey is a personal trainer who often blogs for camera specialists Fly on the Wall.