Some Hot Arts and Crafts Ideas for 2012
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Mar 6, 2012

Some Hot Arts and Crafts Ideas for 2012

With the majority of 2012 still to come and the winter hibernation nearly over, now is the perfect time to set yourself some fun, creative goals for the rest of the year. And with the recent hysteria around retro trends, why not delve into the happening world of arts and crafts?
Knitting a scarf

Knitting your own scarf is one of those things that everyone should be able to do. There was a time when there was no excuse for not knowing how to knit, and even now, with all the online tutorial help and cheap materials available, there is really no excuse. It can be done in a day or as an ongoing project, and can make mundane tasks like waiting for the bus much more interesting! Celebrity advocates of knitting include Cameron Diaz and Julia Roberts, so it really is fashionable again.
Create some photo art
Transferring a photo onto canvas is a great way to create a piece of unique and personalised artwork, and is the perfect gift for loved ones. There are many kits available, but the main components are a gel medium, brush and water spray. Lay the photo face down onto the canvas (remembering that the image will be reversed, so do not use words in the picture), then spread the gel over the back. Leave this to dry, then peel off gently using the water spray. It's so easy to do!
Customised bag / camera straps
Another great craft to try in 2012 is to make a customised strap for a bag. This can be done by simply covering an existing strap, or from scratch (which is a far more admirable feat). Thick materials like leather and cotton canvas are better than thinner ones, as they are rigid and will not wear down as easily. However, if your chosen material is thin, then don't panic. Just remember to use interfacing in between, to provide support. Customised straps are a great way to revive older, tired pieces.
Make your own lace headband
Bourgeois-boheme is very fashionable at the moment, and one accessory that encapsulates this look perfectly is the lace headband. They are so simple to make that it almost seems redundant to buy one! Take a strip of lace, attach elastic so that it forms a ring, and decorate with almost anything. Rosettes are simply a coiled up piece of ribbon, but look amazing when clustered together. You can opt for a thick strip of lace, which is much more 'hippy', or a thin strip for a daintier look for weddings.
Make a rag quilt
Another craft that is almost obligatory to learn how to make, much like the aforementioned knitted scarf, is the rag quilt. This is a great way to recycle old materials, like clothes with a great pattern but never worn; why waste good material? The quilts are made of individual squares, and each is a sandwich of three layers: the displayed material, batting (which is the bulk insulation material in the middle, available from most craft stores) and the backing. Rag quilts make great sofa throws or blankets, and equally great gifts.

So that's it. Home-made fashion is really simple...time to get crafting!

The author has blogged extensive on fashion, lifestyle and hobbies and loves nothing better than unwinding by kicking back on a sofa and getting stuck into the latest crafting craze.