The Cost of being a Super Fan
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Dec 1, 2011

The Cost of being a Super Fan

Today’s heroes are the singers, actors and athletes of the pop culture-influenced society we live in.
With superstardom comes super fans – fans who will buy everything and anything connected to their idol.
Being a super fan doesn’t come cheap, from magazines and merchandise to concert tickets and clothing lines, showing adoration is an expensive hobby!

You know you’ve made it when…
If there’s one thing a super fan wants to do, it’s emulate their idol. From fashion lines to fancy dress costumes, recreating your hero’s look has never been easier. Like Beyonce’s style? Buy her clothes. Want to smell like David Beckham? Buy his aftershave. Need a fancy dress idea? Go as Harry Potter! In fact, Harry Potter is one of the most popular Halloween costumes for adults, children and even pets! For an everyday look you could always opt for the maroon and mustard Hogwarts scarf, a snip at just £25.

TV shows are proving just as popular as movies nowadays – which means fans will give up much more than just their time to support their favourite show. True Blood fans can snap up DVD box sets, Merlotte’s T-shirts, badges, fridge magnets, Fangtasia merchandise – even an actual bottle of True Blood! Production companies really know how to capitalise on a popular franchise – and you only have to explore the popularity of Twilight to see that. Books, movies, perfume; if you’re a hardcore fan, it’s going to be yours.
Of course if you’re a fan, you decide how far your ‘support’ goes. But what if you’re a parent of a Justin Bieber-obsessed child?! With concert tickets ranging between $45 and $200, books at $15, new albums from $8 – not to mention numerous single releases – you may have to dip into your child’s college fund to support their Belieber habit.

Crazy Fans
Sport events are a huge display of fan pride. Manchester United Season Tickets are so rare that you could be waiting a number of years to get one. Right now the most expensive season ticket (in a prime stadium spot) is £950. The ticket doesn’t cover away games – which must be paid for separately. Fans also pay out for the latest football kits – both home and away – up to £60 each.

Extreme fan purchases
Okay, so buying the latest album, DVD box set, movie or concert ticket is innocent enough, and for many people that’s where it stops. But for some people, interest gets dangerously close to obsession – and that’s when insane amounts of money are spent on getting close to their idol.
eBay and other auction sites have played host to some incredible bidding on very unusual items over the years including Justin Timberlake’s leftover French toast was sold for $3,154 and Scarlett Johansson’s used tissue which sold for $2,075!

However far your support goes, just make sure you keep track of your spending so that you can avoid adding expensive purchases to your credit card.

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