Add Some Monroe Glamour to Your Home
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Dec 1, 2011

Add Some Monroe Glamour to Your Home

Marilyn Monroe may have died 50 years ago, but she still has a huge fan base even today. She is a cultural icon that has inspired several generations. She is regarded as both a sex symbol and a beautiful, strong minded, innocent woman. Marilyn’s legacy is unlikely to fade, as thanks to the movie My Week with Marilyn Monroe, a new generation will have the chance to learn all about her.
The name Marilyn Monroe is synonymous with glamour and luxury. Few people will ever have the chance to live her lifestyle, but that’s not to say that we can’t bring some Marilyn inspired glamour into our lives in other ways.
Dress up Your Home
Marilyn Monroe’s wardrobe included some amazing dresses in a range of fabrics, from sheer lame dresses to gold frocks and bold pink outfits. Most of her wardrobe was not the sort of thing you’d usually wear to the office, or even for a day out at the shops, but you could take those fabrics and use them to dress up your living room.
The fabric used to make the famous gold dress would be ideal for a cushion to go on a leather sofa. The pink outfits are probably too bright for use as a key piece of decoration, but would make gorgeous curtain ties, or ruffles for a valance.
Modern and Retro Don’t Have to Clash
If you haven’t redesigned your living room for a while, then you’ve probably got a modern mixture of furnishings in your home, with no one particular theme prevailing. You might have oak doors combined with wooden floors, a retro chandelier that you bought to match the fireplace, and a modern sofa and glass coffee table. It’s normal to gather a mixture of conflicting furnishings over the years. When the time comes to redecorate, though, you’ll need to figure out a way to work your treasured possessions into a theme.
A living room inspired by Marilyn Monroe should ooze luxury. Think deep pile carpets that feel awesome when you stand on them with bare feet, luxurious silks, velvets, and sheer fabrics that feel as expensive as they look, and lamps or chandeliers that positively sparkle, even when they’re not switched on.
You don’t have to go all the way with the 1950s look – you could keep your coffee table and just place some gorgeous ornaments on it. Your sofa can be brightened up with some pearl cushions, and your nesting tables (selected because they complement your oak doors) can be brought up to scratch by being covered with lame table linen, or velvet for an even richer look.
Add a Touch of Your Own Personality
With this sort of interior design, it’s easy to add a touch of your own personality. Table cloths, cushions, cloth flower arrangements, and other decorations are quite easy to make if you’re the sort of person that enjoys sewing and handicrafts. Even if you’re not, the range of soft furnishings inspired by 1950s glamour is quite impressive, so your vision of the 50s does not have to be identical to everyone else’s.

Author Bio: Crispin Jones wrote this post for UK Oak Doors the specialist supplier of internal oak doors. Crispin enjoys the challenge of interior design and DIY.