Top 5 Worst Movies Ever Made
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Nov 2, 2011

Top 5 Worst Movies Ever Made

Laughable Disgraces to the Movie Industry

Somebody thought these 5 movies would be a good idea... and they were wrong. While a good and bad movie tends to depend on opinion, there are certain movies that a large majority of people love... these are not them. The following list is a compilation of movies that you would not want to waste a blank DVD on. There are so many better ways to use a blank DVD than copying any of these movies - like throwing the DVDs in the air and using them as shooting practice, or smashing them and using them as dangrous confetti. These movies are not only poorly made, but they are unoriginal and in many cases boring. Some of these movies have dumb concepts that should've been left on paper. Other movies had the potential to work but fell on its face.

1. Rollerball (2002)

This movie is one of the worst movies made. It was released almost 10 years ago. It was originally slated for a 2001 release, but there was a last minute call for re-edits. The film was pushed back to 2002 and released under a PG-13 rating. The film would come to video in its original R rated edit. The whole film was completely dumb and forgettable. There was a lot of random sound effects used which had no business being used. It is a remake of a 1975 movie which of course pales in comparison to the movie.

2. Battlefield Earth

This is the infamous adaption of a novel. This film had a late spring 2000 release. The movie was panned in the theaters by critics and audiences alike. The acting, the cinematography, the story, editing, everything about the film is a failure. To make things worse, the DVD release was actually re-edited and the re-edit removed some of the better scenes of the film. The good news is that the theatrical edit will still play around on occasion. This movie really didn't seem to know what it was trying to be.

3. Mortal Kombat Annihilation

This is a sequel to a movie based on the video game series. For one thing, this movie takes everything fans loved about the original and just spit all over it. They didn't even bother with the continuity. The film was just a complete mess. The only thing that wasn't completely bad about the film is the fight scene choreography. The dialogue, the acting and the CGI would make laugh so hard, your lungs would collapse.

4. Batman and Robin

This is another bad one. The director seemed hell bent on taking what was established by Tim Burton and pile driving it through the mud. From the start of this film everything goes wrong. We have Batman on ice skates, and then the sky surfing. Arnold plays as Mr Freeze and we have Alicia Silverstone as Batgirl. Let's not forget Uma Thurman as poison Ivy. The good thing about this film is that it led to the reboot 8 years later.

5. Blade: Trinity

This one is not really all that bad. It just wasn't the right movie for the series. The film takes Blade and puts him against Drake. There is also this plot device where he is wanted by the FBI which often gets forgotten in the film. However, it still ruins the whole series in a way.

There you have it, these are some of the worst movies that you can waste a blank DVD on. They may not necessarily be bad in and of itself, but they may be good for guilty pleasures. Okay, all of them but one is really bad.

Author Bio: Nancy Artesia writes on movies, media, technology and finance.