Who will become the Google Gadget Promoter DJ?
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Aug 3, 2010

Who will become the Google Gadget Promoter DJ?

Logitech is hosting a competition where a winner will become a professional logic promoter, hosting parties and showing off gadgets.
I see it as kinda like a Gadget DJ. THe lucky winner will be selected to love in one of logitechs lofts in either San Francisco, New York or Los Angeles .

Surf video all day long on TV and the Web, then tell your friends about it: "we're really excited about the imminent launch of Google TV. You can learn more about it here, it’s basically a new way to watch TV by seamlessly integrating the Web and TV into one incredible viewing experience. Soon, you’ll be able to watch a lot more of those beautiful hi-def YouTube videos on your beautiful, hi-def TV."

The new Google TV will be available on Sony and Logitech devices in the fall, with more partners to be announced later. The party is on Logitech, who came up with this idea to publicize their device, which will be called the Logitech Revue with Google TV™ -- The contest is to find the 'Host with the Most' (social gurus)in one of three fabulous cities within the U.S.

Check out this site for more details of ‘Host with the Most,’ and nominate yourselves for the role.
To win you must prove that you are a true social guru (someone with a lot of twitter/youtube followers etc.??).
or influencer with a passion for the latest in media; TV and video that Google TV will offer, Logitech may select you to become a Logitech host and pay you to spend time in one of their lofts in L.A, N.Y or S.F. Your mission will be to host a bunch of parties, show off the technology, and spread the word through your social circles. (See Logitech's OFFICIAL RULES for eligibility requirements and complete details.)