Top 10 Websites using Youtube's API
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Aug 9, 2010

Top 10 Websites using Youtube's API

Also check out the Youtube Tools here on this site 
Convert to MP3 etc.

After youtube released their API Tutorials and cool options for including Youtube on your site, we started seeing a lot of sites creating and adding apps using the new Google Code.

Here are my favorite 10 sites, in terms of how useful they are and how much they impressed me overall. Most of these are still in beta at the time of writing but offers a lot of cool functionalities already.

Animoto - The End of Slideshows
With Animoto you can create cool professional looking videos by adding your pictures and clips and other media. On animoto you can put them all together with  awesome pre-made templates to make the pictures float around, animated background and text, as well as background music. All for $3 a video or $5 a month for unlimited videos.

A really cool game and social network [fantasy] stock exchange. A very unique site where you can connect your Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, flickr and linkedin accounts to see how much they are "worth", and then buy and sell shares in other users who have connected their accounts. Some big sites like Xbox and Ebay, and many others have joined now.

Be a DJ and cross fade youtube videos, keeping the party rolling. you can create playlists of your track lists and share them with others.

 A video sharing website for kids under 13 that allows parents to set up parental control and control what their kids can watch.

Create youtube playlists quickly on plistube. When you search, plistube will take the most popular and reavant results based on your keywords and make a playlist out of it.

Youmashtube "the biggest video editor" is an online video editor where you can search Youtube's library and drag'n'drop videos into your playlist, select a new start and end point to create your own videos. SImilar to the official Youtube's video editor except you can search any video, not just your own.

Formerly known as
Here you can put two videos up against each other and get votes to find out who is the best. Cool way to get views for your video.

Make cool interactive greeting cards with your video and send it to your friends. You can create them on the Etubecard website or by downloading their toolbar and add videos as you go. (website down?)


Youtube Overload

Let us know if you come across any other cool websites or apps using youtube's API,
leave a comment.

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