Top 10 Videogame Parody Movies
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Aug 10, 2010

Top 10 Videogame Parody Movies

*NEW* See the Ever Updating Playlist <- Best Video Game Parody Clips

  #1 Street Fighter the later years

The later years is just hillarious. It revisits the heroes from Street Fighter long after their prime, and most of them are out of shape. Now they have to rejoin in an adventure again and fight for their honor, and even join up with Bison who killed most of their fathers.
Unfortunately not available for embedding but you can see the entire series on Collegehumor's Youtube

#2 Ultimate Utopia XXIII

"The original Final Fantasy Parody" A really good video that captures the Final Fantasy mood with the action and music, in a funny way.

#3 The Legend of Knut-Hanh Heroes

A turn based RPG style, similar to the above video but not only based on FF style 2D games, Zelda and some other things. Pretty well made. Click the video or related videos to see the rest in the series.

#4 Oblivion (Live Action Parody)

A hillarious parody of the game that is specially fun if you have played it (well aren't most of these movies?). It mocks some of the annoying obstacles you can come across in this game.

#5 Godzilla in Mushroom Kingdom

There are a couple of these on Youtube of monsters like Godzilla and Juggernaut in the Super Mario world. Pretty funny

#6 Last Emperor's Punch Out (warning; Violence)

Fedor Emelianenko meets Mike Tyson's punchout in this funny rendition the classic (and proably the first) boxing game. It's actually the full fight between Fedor and Andrei Arlowski.

#7 AMV - Inside Dungeons a& Dragons

The heroes from a anime (Yu-Gi-Oh?) are edited into PnP nerds playing dungeons and dragons.

#8 Big Awesome Video Game Collab

Made by several different youtubers, this animated comedy short is pretty funny and includes some Guitar Hero spoofs, Megaman going crazy and more. There are a couple of these collabs made, check out the related videos.

#9 Epic Beard Man's Punchout (warning; Graphic violence)

Epic Beard man became a famous on Youtube after his bus fight.
Here's the Punchout version to explain what happened.

#10 South Park/Final Fantasy Parody

What can be funnier than clips from Final Fantasy X mixed with Southpark voiceovers? Well besides the other 9 videos in this list? A Southpark/FFX parody with Yuna cursing! =)

Nickolai Gibson

This article was written by Nickolai Gibson. A Tubeblogger and video editor who loves video gaming, technology, and YouTube videos.

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