Some tips for getting more views on Youtube
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Aug 5, 2010

Some tips for getting more views on Youtube

So you've filmed all your stuff and edited together a masterpiece, you upload  it to youtube and nothing happens, no views besides you and a few crickets.

This is likely to happen with your first few videos and you're gonna need some help from the community and maybe some strategies of your own to get going.

No matter what tricks you use, nothing beats having great content. Youtube has a system in place for ranking your video by looking at how much of the video people watch (Attention), viewer participation (comments and votes) as well as standard SEO (keywords and search engine rankings). With the latter being the least important. Views doesn't rank very high there either when it comes to having long term success on Youtube.

The value of real Subscribers and friends

Having lots of friends and subscribers on Youtube will assure you lots of views, but they have to be following you by will, joining Sub4Sub groups etc. is generally bad for your overall ranking.
And here's why:
None of the link beggars (let's just call it that from now) who subscribed to you will watch your whole video (Attention) or participate in anyway (rarely comments or votes) so from what we learned earlier about how Google looks at things Google will not consider these valuable views, so it won't increase your popularity.
If you still want to exchange view for view try the ViewtubeTrain. At least they make you watch the whole video, so the people who watch yours will too.

Sharing with friends is the best way to give it that early boost that it needs.

You can share your story here on Tubeblogger
Share in the forum/chat, post a comment here on this post and add your video to it
or write us an article!
By participating we might feature you as a "Channel of the day" .

Most common ways of sharing online videos

  1. Adding videos as an update on Facebook, so people can "like"it
  2. Your friends can watch the video and "like" it, then all their friends will see it aswell. This can generate lots of views.
  3. Embed the video on your own blog or website and write a story with it.
  4. Writing a story or blog post with your video will increase views from search engines like Google. More text means more ways for people to search and find it. 
  5. Add a link anywhere you can
  6. Any place on the internet where you can add your link helps. Google/Youtube counts how many places link to your video. Just add the url with your message next time you're posting something on internet.
 When your video gets a group of views and activity in a short period of time, a "spike, it is considered a trending topic and you're likely to get even more views and subscribers.
 If your video gets 20 thumbs down in an hour it is considered a trending topic as well.
Again, it's the activity that matters the most.

Subscribing to a bunch of people just to get subscriptions in return is just going to limit your potential in the Youtube Community
For one, it's better to have your homepage filled with videos you actually want to watch, so you can leave useful and realistic comments, and keep up with the REAL Youtube community.
Other reasons is that I'm pretty sure link farming and flooding yourself with random friends and subs gives your videos nothing but bad rep on Google.

Remember to use social networking sites like Twitter to share your videos. You can connect your Twitter account to Youtube to automatically tweet your latest videos (and subscription updates as well if you wish). This can generate lots and lots of views and often new followers on Twitter as well.

Use annotations to link between your Videos. If you want the viewers to go to a next video after watching, you can remind them with an annotation. Also use these to politely ask your viewers to subscribe.

Something I did recently on one of my videos was activate "open annotations"; so anyone can comment with those little talk bubbles in the video (can also share links). This gave the video a slight boost but mostly just from returning viewers who came to see more of the annotations. It also clutters up the video a bit, and leaves some viewers confused.

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