Play Snake in Youtube videos
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Aug 15, 2010

Play Snake in Youtube videos

Another Google easter egg has been found. For the pacman anniversary you might remember the Google logo turning into a playable mini Pacman game. Now you can play the old-school popular game Snake while watching a Youtube video, in any video.
Snake by Computer Concepts on the BBC MicroImage via Wikipedia

So if a video bores you too much, you can turn on the snake.

To do this you just press an arrow key on your keyboard, when you see the white spinning loading bar in the video.

You have to click on the video and go to youtube for the trick to work, it might not work in embedded players like this.
have fun =)

Oh, and if you came here for the easter egg hunt, here's another hint:
The next hint reveals the final step for the finder. It's hidden in a place where you put a helpful reminder.
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