Facebook's new movie gets Youtubed
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Aug 9, 2010

Facebook's new movie gets Youtubed

Facebook logoImage via Wikipedia
A full trailer of the highly anticipated Facebook movie called "The Social Network" was released a few weeks ago on Yahoo movies.

Inspired to make the college stories of Facebook's creator Mark Zuckerberg interesting, director David Fincher decided to turn the story of Facebook's early days into a dramatic movie.

Some Youtubers decided it would be fun to make up a story of what Youtube's creators (Steven Chen and Chad Hurley) had to go through. With even more dramatic scenes and mood that doesn't really go with the music, Youtubers presents:

"The Video Website" - Trailer

Perhaps this movie couldn't attract celebrities such as Justin Timberlake, Jesse Eisenberg or Sean Parker, like Facebook's movie did, but that's because it's not real. It's just another spoof that I would probably more likely see instead of the original. Looks like it could be pretty good.

The real movie "The Social Network" (trailer below) is scheduled for released October 1st.

The Social Network - Movie Trailer, Not a spoof Trailer