Learn to Blog from TubeBlogger's Mistakes :)
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Oct 9, 2016

Learn to Blog from TubeBlogger's Mistakes :)

Tube Blogger Entertainment has been a not so very active blog the past couple of years, having the most readers in the beginning (2008-2011), being virtually invisible on Google 2013-2015, and slowly getting back on track in 2016.

Mistake #1. Not my Mistake

Although we have had a lot of guest writers over the years, I'm the only main writer, editor, and designer, with limited time for the tech related issues of the blog. The blog has sort of bounced back from being stolen and spammed - although Google still considers TubeBlogger to be spam since the only comments we get are from spammers, and because someone copied all of our articles. It seems Google is not very intelligent when it comes to small blogs, they will banish you to the deep web for someone else's mistakes or maliciousness. I also did not have time to keep up with Panda SEO updates and the other stuff to keep the blog up to date in search engines.

Mistake #2. Networking in the Wrong Niche.

Having around 1000 followers in the wrong niche is not detrimental, but it was sort of a waste of time - TubeBlogger's followers is mostly people into marketing and some web creation - Not many people who care about video production, design, or entertainment. There are also thousands of other blogs writing about that and I have little chance of standing out (with my 1 article per week kind of approach), without spending any money at least.

Mistake #3. Not spending a single dime on anything.

Finding the right network of people to read your blog can take a long time, depending on your niche and the level of competition.
If you're like me, not a great writer (English Second Language Speaker); little time for keyword research or don't understand it; little time for formatting the article with the right header tags etc. Then it is not going to rank high in search engines, and you will probably need some ad campaigns to get your first couple of readers.

Mistake #4. Not spending enough time.

There's a lot of other work that goes into keeping an up-to date blog, both in terms of the look and content, as well as outreach and being active on several networks - with daily twitter or facebook updates, writing to your Email list subscribers, moderating comments/chat - for example spammers can ruin your blog credibility if you don't have time to remove them; Google will think your whole blog is spam (because the spammers share questionable links; but this does not affect large blogs much if it is only 1-5% of their comments.

Need to create a Ton of Unique Content.

The most popular blogs/sites nowadays have 5 or more editors/writers, 5 or more articles per day , and just as many social media updates on every network to share the articles; ideally using unique headlines every time. 
Just the social media part itself can be a full time job to be effective.
I haven't even had time to update the main logo since 2011.

Mistake #5 - Not Re-purposing Content.

There are over 600 articles on TubeBlogger, and many that are very re-usable and easy to find again when I need them, because I used the Labels to categorize them. Think carefully about the labels/categories you make, as they can make all the difference for the readers as well as the writer when looking for reference material etc. Even if nobody else reads the ancient article from 2009, I know it is still unique and shareable, might as well re-purpose some of those into a e-book or digital magazine to sell on Amazon.

Use the analytics and insight to see which articles are most popular on your blog and share those articles again on Social Media, not too often but perhaps once a month share something from the archives. Chances are your readers did not see it the first time. Also share similar articles you've written

Think into the Future

For a small blog with only 1 or a few articles per week, this can be somewhat important to get anything out of your blog.
There are a few articles in the archives of TubeBlogger that are still getting hundreds of views per week, while the average article gets 30 nowadays.
A handful of the 600 articles on this blog are responsible for about one million visits.
While writing some of those top 10 articles I had no idea they were going to be trending, in fact I didn't expect any more than the average 100 views at the time.
But it is still important to write every article as if it will be trending, you don't want your most popular article to be the ugliest one. And also make sure that any affiliate links or ads you rely on work and are visible on every page. What if an article gets 400,000 views and you get $0 from it? (the sort of stuff that happens to me)

Also think about how to share your content. The link itself.
For example you might have a custom URL now, but if it expires at some point in the future then all the links you shared will be dead. but if you share directly to YourBlog.Blogspot.com/Article then that link will always work.
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Stay tuned for more helpful articles - Comping Up: How to screw up on YouTube :D
-Nicko G.