The YouTube Rich List - and How to Earn From Your Videos
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Jun 4, 2013

The YouTube Rich List - and How to Earn From Your Videos

If you've wondered how much your favorite YouTuber makes and how you can earn some too check out this Infographic and article. Once a video goes viral it it can become quite a valuable asset. Over a million people are already earning money on YouTube with Google ads. Hopefully this infographic can give you some encouragement to start making some videos.

For some YouTubers it took several thousand videos to rank on this "Rich List".
While a few, like the legendary PSY with his music video "Gangnam Style"– which is the most viewed video on YouTube – became rich off only one or a few videos. That'truly epic!

As Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks said: "Entertainment videos get many more views, and are much more likely to go viral than, say, news and current events ".
I paraphrase this from one of their 14.991 videos (as of today), can't remember which one it was.
Being the biggest online news show in the world they have reached over a billion total views on their main channel; and have branched off to online entertainment and talk shows as well; hiring several show hosts and interns getting a piece of the pie.

Like any new venture it takes some time and dedication to see real results, and once you start earning it becomes quite addictive and more fun. Don't worry about numbers or hitting the Rich List right away. If you're passionate about the subject you're vlogging (video blogging) about it should be fun all the time most of the time!

The Dedication Part: Has to do with building your audience
some YouTube SEO (search engine optimization),  and trial and error to learn what your subscribers really like.
You'll also need a bit of video editing skills, and some equipment (a camera and computer, at least).

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Image source: MoneySupermarket Credit Cards

Nickolai Gibson

This article was written by Nickolai Gibson. A Tubeblogger and video editor who loves video gaming, technology, and YouTube videos.