Selling Shares in my Online Activity
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Sep 14, 2011

Selling Shares in my Online Activity

I made an Empire Avenue account 4 months ago and have been pretty active recently.

I've got to the point that I can almost share some tips =D

Been buying and selling shares of TUBE =D
It's not real money that I'm buying and selling shares with, they are just points, and the point is to connect with all the shareholders and meet new people. The numbers are just for fun.
(e)TUBE is Currently trading at 96.76e , and I'm paying out over 1e per share daily in dividends.

How it works:
Whenever I post a comment, link, video etc on one of my networks (Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, or the others) my activity will go up for that day.

If those activities are popular  my 'dividends paid out' will increase, which makes most of the big investors eager to invest more.

And my network scores will increase.

I've invested in a lot of bloggers and video makers on EAV. Many of them have written some great tips for how to use Empire Avenue, check out this list of Empire Avenue tips articles, I made it with Diigo:
/empire-avenue-tips , I'm always updating it.

Thanks for reading. Here's a special invite link that'll give you an extra 2000e to start, if you want to join Empire Avenue.
Want us to check out your profile, video or anything? Leave a comment below