Videogames Smart People Play =D
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May 26, 2011

Videogames Smart People Play =D

A user browsing the market for items in EVE Online"A user browsing the market for items" Image via Wikipedia
There are a couple of those, games that are just too hard for the average person, or even for the average gamer - and probably for some hard-core ones too.

EVE Online:

The learning curve for this game is astronomical. I never had time to become epic in this game =|
It's a big universe (biggest MMO world in the world) influenced by complicated politics, economy, wars and alliances.
You could be in a fleet of big ships (with 20 other players) fighting some pirate ships that are 20 times smaller, and you can't see them on the screen because they're two kilometers away shooting at you.
Nor can you damage them unless you're using the right weapon. For example the blast velocity of your bombs must be faster than the opposing ship can move or he will aways escape most of the explosion damage, because he moves so incredibly fast!
The marketplace system in this game is the deepest in any game also. I was a trader in the game, buying stuff low in one solar system to sell it higher in another, several lightyears apart. Trips that sometimes took hours, as I had to scan the systems between for pirate players etc. and often detour. My big cargo ship (BADGER, BADGER, BADGER....MUSHROOM!) was slow and couldn't fight =|

Another one I have to add to this list is Second Life:
I'm not a big fan of Secondlife (mostly because I can't log in my first character and Linden labs won't help..), and I'm not even sure I'd call it a game.
I have called it a "Multiplayer 3D Animation Program" , which is the best term I can think of.
08.december2007_Estonian_Embassy_in_SeconfLife...Image via WikipediaAnd the game elements that come with it by default are pretty mediocre.
Your first impression will be that you can walk around (clumsily), fly (clumsier), chat, and just explore the small world of Beginners Island or whatever it's called. A world that is not very impressive looking at first, to the average person, at all.
To really "Play" this you gotta take part in creating and animating the world around you, yourself. The really impressive looking stuff in this "game" can be found in some user created towns where individual things are custom designed.
Where the houses are not just boxes that have been placed there, but have been textured by another users (who is a Photoshop expert), given star trek-like upgrades (by some programmer), and furnished by another 3D sculptor who specializes in furniture and stuff. If you look around you can find some really cool stuff.

eav-logo-300Image by TUBE via Flickr
But right now I've been kinda hooked on Empire Avenue.
A virtual [fantasy] stock exchange where you buy and sell shares in other peoples names - in their online identities, company, or whatever they set up their profile to be.
I've wrote about it here before (and even made a video) so I'll just make this short, check out the Related Articles and the links below.

Empire Avenue - 40 Second video

What games would you add to a list of Videogames smart people play ?

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