Google releases slicker Blogger designs
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Jun 12, 2010

Google releases slicker Blogger designs

Google's more customizable and slicker looking templates released a few days ago and they look way better than the options you used to have. Now with the ability to start from a template and change background and layout as you go, you can be slightly different from other Blogger users, than you could last month.

 I immediately tested them on some of my blogs (and messed the template up... losing some stuff).". Go try them out on now or check out mine below.
  2. Reminds me of a twitter theme kinda. I might keep the sidebar layout I managed to set up
  4. Another one that could've looked better with some tweaking, and if not everyone had it. I like the world map in the background because it fits the theme/niche of the page. Started with Template by Josh Peterson.  And changed the layout slightly.. 
    I I simplified the creation process of this blog and haven't done much to it yet, besides the template and a few posts